7 big mistakes that affect the way you use smartphones for many of you, you should know because this tip is simple but extremely necessary

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

During a long period of technology development, many brothers have had misconceptions about technologies on smartphones, so we have a lot of misconceptions about how good the phone is. So in this article will show you the parameters and wrong usage of you on today’s smartphones.

1. Use browser instead of applications

Instead of using applications especially shopping apps by browsers will be a mistake. Downloading and installing shopping apps may consume device storage and traffic data. Sometimes they can make your device work a little sluggish but will be a lot safer when used by the browser. It is possible to lose your device’s personal data, IP or worse, expose your bank and debit cards information.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

2. Wifi connection everywhere

Wifi is a wireless connection protocol that gives you access to the internet every time you need it. However, this is also a security hole if you successfully connect to Wifi with malicious code of hackers in public places. Worst case scenario, these free Wifi can cause you to lose all your personal data including your bank credit cards.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

3. Always turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your phone

This is probably a habit with many people using the phone because after using Bluetooth devices, you always want to connect quickly, so you rarely turn off Bluetooth. But also, hackers can take advantage of the vulnerability to send you files containing malicious code and if you accept to receive the above files via Bluetooth, you will most likely encounter cases of loss. Similar personal data when connecting to a strange Wifi.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

4. Beautiful display thanks to the resolution

This is only true when you compare 2 monitors with the same panels and the same quality. If you are comparing two different phones completely with each other, the resolution comparison just to know which screen gives more details. The color and image display both depend on the quality of the plate or not.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

5. Type C cable for fastest speed

This may be called true, but under a misunderstanding, the fact that Type C gives faster connection speeds is due to the fact that Type C was born late, so Type C protocols are equipped with fast connection standards. more like USB 3.0, USB 3.1 …. The fast or slow of a connection port depends on the standard connection protocol of that port. For example: USB 3.0, USB 3.1, PCIE, …. So this misunderstanding is sometimes still wrong if your Micro port is using the USB 3.0 standard and Type C is equipped with USB 2.0.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

6. The more dots you take, the better the picture will be

For ordinary users, we just compare one camera to take better pictures than the other by the number of dots, also known as the number of megapixels of each camera. However, in photography techniques, the number of megapixels is not all that you can find in every camera. Taking good pictures is not the sole matter of the number of dots on the camera, but the most important thing is whether the camera sensor can capture a lot of light, how the lens is or what the camera aperture is.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

7. There is an IP standard that can be waterproof

This misunderstanding sounds correct, but it still depends on their standard number. If your device is only IP 5X, it can only resist nano or rain but cannot soak. On the other hand, if your device receives a standard of IP 6X or higher, you can soak in water for a certain time and depth. In addition, the above condition is the room condition with liquid here being clean water, you should avoid touching coffee water or other liquids other than clean water, especially seawater. This will be dangerous to your device.

7 big mistakes that affect how to use smartphones

So I explained to you about the common mistakes made in the smartphone world. If you find this article useful, please give me a like and a share. Thank you very much for watching the article.

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