The clearest look at iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro: New style camera, smaller rabbit ears, do you like it?

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

3D models of iPhone 13 ( iPhone 12s ) and iPhone 13 Pro ( iPhone 12s Pro ) have been popping up in the past few days. The PhoneArena site has compiled the latest leaks, giving us the clearest look at the next generation Apple iPhones .

iPhone 13 has a newly designed camera cluster

Two designers 9TechEleven and Ian Zalbo, the concept shows the layout of the camera after being rearranged diagonally, is speculation Apple will launch on both the iPhone 13 Standard and iPhone 13 mini .

Specifically, the camera cluster remains square as the predecessor, just the position of the internal sensors changed from vertical to diagonal.


The fact that Apple changed the layout of the camera is probably related to the aesthetics, also for users to easily recognize between iPhone generations.

On the other hand, it is said that Apple will bring the larger sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the new standard iPhone model, to avoid increasing the overall size of the camera bump, Apple is forced to switch to a diagonal layout to Creates additional space for each sensor.

As for the front-facing design, many reliable sources claim that the iPhone 13 will have a more compact ear-notch.

The iPhone 13 Pro will have a smaller notch

The new 3D model revealed that the iPhone 13 Pro will not be too different from the iPhone 12 Pro . The biggest difference in terms of design is the smaller notch, and the iPhone 13 Pro is believed to have Touch ID under the screen.



Another difference of the iPhone 13 Pro compared to its predecessor is the rear camera cluster, because the 3D model confirms the sensors will be larger.

If the images above are real, will you click the design of the next iPhone generation?

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