The hit game Flappy Bird is being brought to macOS Big Sur as an interactive notification

Macos BigSur

Flappy Bird, although removed from the App Store 7 years ago, remains one of the most iconic iPhone games of all time. Quite unexpectedly, developer Neil Sardesai took to Twitter to share how he brought a copy of the game directly to the Notification Center on macOS Big Sur.

Sardesai posted to Twitter over the weekend, suggesting that users can put entire games inside push notifications thanks to the new UserNotificationsUI framework. 

Flappy Bird was developed on the iPhone and then numerous copies have appeared on the web and on macOS over the years. Developer Sardesai included in Big Sur’s Notification Center a copy of Flappy Bird created by Play Canvas. On-screen touch interactions are simulated with a mouse click, but the goal of obstacle avoidance remains the same.

Flappy Bird was one of the hit games on the iPhone in 2014. This game was developed by Nguyen Ha Dong, the application is said to generate an average revenue of 50,000 USD (over 1.1 billion) a day. peak period. However, the popularity and the disruption of a peaceful life were the last thing that led to Nguyen Ha Dong deleting the app from the App Store.

Currently, developer Sardesai has not released a version of Flappy Bird for the macOS Big Sur Notification Center widely. Therefore, the above video serves as something that wants to prove more fruitful. Do not know if you are impressed with this or not?

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